CERN turns 70 on 29 September 2024: joins us for a year-long celebration

On 25 January 2024, CERN officially launched the celebrations for its 70th anniversary. In recognition of the Organization’s outstanding contributions to scientific exploration, technological advancement, and global cooperation in particle physics, this significant anniversary celebrates the laboratory's illustrious history. Over the course of the year, a range of events and initiatives will highlight CERN's diverse achievements while also anticipating its promising future, with a unique accelerator complex set to drive 70 more years of research into what the Universe is made of and how it works.

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CERN's achievement over 70 years of its history show what humanity can do when we put aside our differences and focus on the common good. Through the celebrations of CERN's 70th anniversary, we will demonstrate how, over the past seven decades, CERN has been at the forefront of scientific knowledge and technological innovation, a model for training and education, collaboration and open science, and an inspiration of citizens around the world. 

Fabiola Gianotti, CERN Director-General


This anniversary year is for everyone and should engage and inspire scientists, policy makers and the public. We are looking forward to host everyone at CERN for the many events being planned, but also to the celebrations in our Member States, Associate Member States and beyond. The international events are a testament to CERN's impact on scientific knowledge, technological development and worldwide collaboration.

Luciano Musa, coordinator of the CERN 70th anniversary



Get to know CERN's impactful history since 1954—a legacy of scientific breakthroughs, innovations and global collaboration in particle physics.


The 70th anniversary of CERN is an opportunity to engage the public in 70 years of discoveries and innovations. The programme is built around 4 themes: ’ Pushing back the Frontiers of Knowledge ' is all about open questions in physics, and future directions. 'Advancing Science and Technology' highlights the interplay between fundamental science and cutting-edge technology, leading to groundbreaking solutions for a sustainable future. 'Science without Borders', emphasizes CERN's role as a universal model for international collaboration. Finally, 'Science for All', focuses on training, education, and accessibility, inspiring inclusiveness in the world of science.


January 30 – CERN’s 70 Years of Scientific Discoveries Unveiling the Universe

March 7 – From particle physics to medicine

April 18 – The virtuous circle of knowledge and innovation

May 15-19 – CERN: an extraordinary human endeavour

June 6 – The case of the (still) mysterious Universe

July 4 – Exploring farther: machines for new knowledge

Media accreditations are subject to availability. Please contact us at if you wish to cover one or several of the public events.


As CERN marks its 70th anniversary, it also celebrates the collective efforts of its Member and Associate Member states. International events hosted in the Member and Associate Member States will be honoring their contributions and celebrating seven remarkable decades of scientific achievements.

More details about these international events are here.


The year-long celebrations will culminate with the official ceremony on 1 October. This highlight of the year will be a prestigious event that will host highest-level authorities from CERN’s Member and Associate Member States, Observers, non-Member States and other key stakeholders, all gathered together to honour CERN’s achievements.

Additional details will be provided at the appropriate moment.


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