CMS heart transplant

Watch an LHC experiment’s heart transplant!

LINAC4 Photos

The new accelerator LINAC4 will be inaugurated soon at CERN, follow the different steps of its installation in photos.

Photos 360° of ATLAS

Have a look at the 360° pictures of ATLAS cavern

Footage in 4K

Find here our footage in 4K from the experiments and accelerators at CERN

12 steps - From idea to discovery

Discover the twelve steps that take the physicists from an idea to a discovery

Event displays

Discover the latest images of particle collisions at the LHC

Latest News

CERN and the American Physical Society sign an open access agreement for SCOAP3

27 Apr 2017 — The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the American Physical Society (APS) signed an agreement today for SCOAP3 – the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics.

New ALICE experiment results show novel phenomena in proton collisions

24 Apr 2017 — In a paper published today in Nature Physics, the ALICE collaboration reports that proton collisions sometimes present similar patterns to those observed in the collisions of heavy nuclei.

LHCb finds new hints of possible deviations from the Standard Model

18 Apr 2017 — The LHCb experiment finds intriguing anomalies in the way some particles decay. If confirmed, these would be a sign of new physics phenomena not predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics.