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CERN openlab tackles ICT challenges of High Luminosity-LHC

20 Sep 2017 — CERN openlab has published a white paper identifying the major ICT challenges that face CERN and other ‘big science’ projects in the coming years.

ATLAS sees first direct evidence of light-by-light scattering at high energy

11 Aug 2017 — Geneva, 14 August 2017. Physicists from the ATLAS experiment at CERN have found the first direct evidence of high energy light-by-light scattering, a very rare process in which two photons – particles of light – interact and change direction.

The ALPHA experiment explores the secrets of antimatter

02 Aug 2017 — Geneva, 3 August 2017. In a paper published today in Nature, the ALPHA experiment at CERN’s Antiproton Decelerator reports the first observation of the hyperfine structure of antihydrogen, the antimatter counterpart of hydrogen.