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Disconnection of electrical equipment

The CERN site is currently shut down and in “safe mode”. In the absence of regular supervision of equipment and installations, we must take extreme care with regard to potential sources of fire. In order to reduce this risk, CERN’s Fire and Rescue Service requests you to disconnect all equipment that does not need to remain supplied with electricity, in particular batteries (for laptops, electric bicycles, portable oxygen detectors, etc.).

If, for operational reasons, this is not desirable, please move the equipment that must remain connected so that it is underneath a fire detector. If you no longer have access to the site, please ask a colleague who does have access to do this or, if this is not possible, contact the CERN Fire and Rescue Service on +41 22 767 48 48 (non-emergency line): a firefighter will be able to carry out this preventive measure in your absence. If the equipment cannot be disconnected, inform the Fire and Rescue Service (+41 22 767 48 48) of the location of the equipment so that it can be monitored.

Thank you for your understanding.

Fire and Rescue Service