“Energy efficiency and sustainable development are a chance to improve our tools and processes and should offer us new economic, technological and social opportunities.” Frédérick Bordry

“Basic research at CERN expands the pool of human knowledge. It inspires the young, and provides an important impetus to scientific and technical education.” Rolf Heuer

“If the Commission really wants to support European competitiveness, then keeping Horizon 2020 funding intact should, in my opinion, be top of its priority list.” Rolf Heuer

“In a world such as this, the ethical dimension of scientific progress comes to the fore, and scientific governance becomes key.” Rolf Heuer

“At SESAME, you are equally likely to run into an Iranian as an Israeli, a Cypriot, a Turk or a Palestinian, all pursuing the common dream of scientific excellence and peace among neighbors.” Rolf Heuer


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