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ATLAS sees first direct evidence of light-by-light scattering at high energy

11 Aug 2017 — Geneva, 14 August 2017. Physicists from the ATLAS experiment at CERN have found the first direct evidence of high energy light-by-light scattering, a very rare process in which two photons – particles of light – interact and change direction.

The ALPHA experiment explores the secrets of antimatter

02 Aug 2017 — Geneva, 3 August 2017. In a paper published today in Nature, the ALPHA experiment at CERN’s Antiproton Decelerator reports the first observation of the hyperfine structure of antihydrogen, the antimatter counterpart of hydrogen.

LHC experiments delve deeper into precision

11 Jul 2017 — The world’s particle physics community is meeting this week in Venice (Italy) for the EPS International Conference on High Energy Physics. Dozens of new results from the full existing datasets of the LHC are being presented for the first time.