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Exhibition showcasing results of three years of arts and science collaborations

16 Oct 2018 — Geneva, 16 October 2018. What happens when scientists and artists collide? Artworks resulting from three years of collaboration between physicists and Collide International artists-in-residence at CERN

The European particle physics community gears up for a new shared vision for the future

11 Oct 2018 — Geneva, 11 October 2018. During its hundred-and-ninetieth session, the CERN Council formally launched the update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics

Rugby or football? ISOLDE reveals shape-shifting character of Mercury isotopes

01 Oct 2018 — An unprecedented combination of experimental nuclear physics and theoretical and computational modelling techniques has been brought together to reveal the full extent of the odd-even shape staggering of exotic mercury isotopes, and explain how it happens