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New safety rule: "Responsibilities in matters of Safety Incident Management at CERN"

The following CERN Safety Rule has been published on the dedicated CERN website: Safety Regulation SR-SIM “Responsibilities in matters of Safety Incident Management at CERN”.  

The SR-SIM, which will replace the current A2 Safety Code, defines roles and responsibilities with respect to the declaration, notification, classification, analysis and follow-up of Safety Incidents of different types and degrees of severity, ranging from simple deviations to major accidents. It reflects current best practice in matters of Safety Incident management at CERN. 

In parallel, a new EDH incident declaration form, replacing the current “A2” form, will also be released. The new EDH form has been designed with a view to facilitate incident declaration by reducing the information to be filled in and providing guidance. The aim of the new form and processes is to facilitate and encourage incident declaration, which are key for the continuous improvement of Safety at CERN.

The CERN Safety Rules apply to all persons under the Director-General’s authority. They are available here.