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Around the LHC in 252 days


DISMAC LS2: all interconnections are opened
Members of the DISMAC project team, pictured on November 7 to mark a project milestone: the opening of all of the LHC superconducting magnet interconnections (Image: Mike Struik/CERN)

For the teams involved in the DISMAC (Diode Insulation and Superconducting Magnets Consolidation) project, the LHC tour is a long adventure. On 7 November, they opened the last and 1360th LHC magnet interconnection, 252 days after having opened the first. The electrical insulation work of the magnets’ diodes is done in sequence: opening of the interconnection, cleaning, installation of the insulation, electrical and quality tests, welding, and so on. The teams work sequentially, and the diode insulation is scheduled to be completed next summer.