ICHEP 2016 Q&A Session

Dear Journalist,

Please note that we will have a media availability for journalists present at ICHEP in Chicago with leaders of the LHC experiments. This Q&A session for journalists is available through webcast at 10am Chicago time (5pm Geneva, CEST) on 5 August, after the LHC experiment talks.
(These talks will not be webcast.)

During the Q&A you also can ask a question as of 10am Chicago time or 5pm CEST via Twitter @CERNpress
Speakers:  . Dave Charlton - ATLAS Spokesperson
                   . Tiziano Camporesi - CMS Spokesperson
                   . Guy Wilkinson - LHCb Spokesperson
                   . Marco van Leeuwen, ALICE Deputy Physics Coordinator

Note that the Monday 8 August plenary session will be available through the CERN webcast for the whole physics community and yourselves.

For background information :
"12 steps from idea to discovery"
-  the December statement from ATLAS and CMS

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5 Aug 2016, 17.00 - 18.00


ICHEP Conference in Chicago

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