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Physicists at CERN measure a fundamental property of the rarest element on Earth

Geneva, 14 May 2013. An international team of physicists at the radioactive-beam facility ISOLDE at CERN1 have for the first time measured the ionization potential of the rare radioactive element astatine2.

The value for astatine, published today in the journal Nature Communications, could help chemists to develop applications for the element in radiotherapy, and will serve as a benchmark for theories that predict the structure of super-heavy elements.

CERN inaugurates a scientific tourist trail, the Passport to the Big Bang

Geneva, 13 May 2013. On 2 June 2013 CERN1, in collaboration with its local partners, will be inaugurating a scientific tourist trail through the Pays de Gex and the Canton of Geneva known as the Passport to the Big Bang. A major programme of activities has been organised for the general public at various CERN sites, including special events and bike rides.


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