Press releases 2005

CERN concludes year of strong progress towards the LHC

Geneva, 16 December 2005. Speaking at the 135th session of the CERN1 Council, the Organization's Director General, Robert Aymar hailed a year of impressive progress towards the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project, scheduled to start-up in 2007. “In one year, we have made great progress,” he said. “The challenge is not over, of course, but we have great confidence of maintaining the schedule for start-up in 2007.”

A step forward for open access publishing

Geneva, 14 December 2005. A landmark decision has been reached on the future direction of scientific publishing. At a meeting hosted by CERN1 on 7-8 December, representatives of several major physics publishers, European particle physics laboratories, learned societies, funding agencies and authors from Europe and the US, came together for the first time to promote open access publishing. Among the results of the meeting was the formation of a task force mandated to bring about action by 2007.

Beyond Einstein

Geneva, 18 November 2005. CERN1 and the World Year of Physics International Steering Committee are partnering with some of the world's leading physics laboratories, science museums and technology partners to present a twelve-hour live webcast to celebrate Einstein and look beyond the World Year of Physics 2005.

CERN demonstrates commitment to goals of the World Summit for the Information Society

Geneva, 17 November 2005. Speaking today to international delegates meeting in Tunis for the second World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), CERN1 Director-General Robert Aymar highlighted some of the important achievements that CERN has contributed to since the first summit in Geneva in 2003. At the first summit, CERN worked actively to ensure that the fundamental role of science and technology in the information society was acknowledged in the agenda of the WSIS.

CERN awarded high-performance computing prize at Supercomputing 2005

Geneva, 16 November 2005. CERN1 has received the High Performance Computing (HPC) Public Awareness Award at a ceremony at Supercomputing 2005 in Seattle this week. Supercomputing 2005 is the foremost international conference for HPC. The award was presented by HPCwire, the leading HPC publication, as one of their 2005 Editors' Choice Awards, a category where the winner is determined by a panel of recognized HPC luminaries and contributing editors from industry.


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