Press releases March 2004

European grid computing changes gear

Geneva, 31 March 2004. European plans for Grid technology change gear this week, as the pioneering European DataGrid (EDG) project comes to a successful end and a new project, the Enabling Grids for E-Science in Europe (EGEE) project, begins. The EGEE project will build on the success of the EDG project and take Grid technology even further by establishing a service Grid infrastructure which is available across Europe, 24 hours-a-day.

Opening the Big Black Box: European Study Reveals Visitors' Impressions of Science Laboratories

Geneva, 18th March 2004. On 29 – 30 March the findings of ‘Inside the Big Black Box'- a Europe-wide science and society project - will be revealed during a two-day seminar hosted by CERN1. The principle aim of Inside the Big Black Box (IN3B) is to determine whether a working scientific laboratory can capture the curiosity of the general public through visits.

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