Press releases September 2002

HP joins CERN collaboration to advance grid computing technologies

Geneva, 25 September 2002. CERN1 and HP2 today announced that HP would join the CERN openlab for DataGrid applications. This group is an industrial collaboration formed to push the limits of emerging Grid technologies by developing novel solutions to the massive data storage and analysis challenges of both the research community and the IT industry.

Thousands of cold anti-atoms produced at CERN

Geneva, 18 September 2002. An international team of physicists working at the Antiproton Decelerator (AD) facility at CERN* has announced the first controlled production of large numbers of antihydrogen atoms at low energies. After mixing cold clouds of trapped positrons and antiprotons - the antiparticles of the familiar electron and proton - under closely monitored conditions, the ATHENA collaboration has identified antihydrogen atoms, formed when positrons bind together with antiprotons. The results are published online today by the journal Nature1.

CERN launches Europe-wide tests of Grid technology

Geneva, 16 September 2002. Budding computer experts from around the world will this week begin their own tests of the latest software developed by the European DataGrid 1  Project. Students attending the 2002 CERN2 School of Computing in Vico Equense, Italy, will be submitting jobs that can run anywhere on the Project's current Grid, which is based at 10  computer centres throughout Europe.

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