Claude Allègre opens hi-tech trade fair at CERN

Claude Allègre, Luciano Maiani and Pierre Moscovici

Claude Allègre, Luciano Maiani and Pierre Moscovici

Geneva, 19 October 1999. The "France at CERN" trade fair is being held at CERN1 from 19th to 21st October. The event was opened by Claude Allègre, the French Minister for National Education, Research and Technology, and Pierre Moscovici, the Minister for European Affairs. CERN was represented by the Director General, Professor Luciano Maiani.

CERN is a global enterprise - nearly 8000 researchers from all over the world are based here, and "France at CERN" is a valuable opportunity for leading scientists to extend and strengthen links with French industry. French companies have the chance to present their products and services to scientists, engineers and technicians at CERN. In the past, contracts with CERN have generated on average an increase in turnover equivalent to three times the value of the contract.

Claude Allègre said of the occasion, "CERN is a world respected reference in both theoretical and experimental science, a centre of international collaboration with a remarkable sphere of influence. CERN is also a reference in high technology, where the spirit is innovation is all important. The needs of the experiments drive industry to the limits of its potential which in turn leads to the development of new disciplines".

France is one of CERN's two host nations - the majority of the 27 km LEP accelerator tunnel runs underneath the French countryside. France is also a major player economically, contributing over 16% of the total CERN budget. French scientists are actively involved in all science programs at CERN, including the development of the new Large Hadron Collider (LHC), due to begin operation in 2005. The LHC will collide beams of protons and other particles at unprecedented energies.

Projects such as the LHC will open fresh horizons for physics research in the 21st century. They involve the development at CERN of new instruments at the forefront of technology. "France at CERN" is a major event, with forty-four French companies exhibiting new products and technologies that are related to the field of particle physics. Many fields from French industry are represented, including cryogenics and vacuum technology, superconductivity, electrical and electronic equipment, and mechanics. The exhibition is organised by the French Committee for Trade Events Abroad.

Trade fairs such as "France at CERN" facilitate collaborations that will enable the research community to carry out experiments at an ever higher technical level, while allowing industry access to CERN's up-to-date knowledge and cutting edge technology. These joint developments will lead to further technological innovation. One famous example of CERN creativity came about ten years ago, when the needs of scientists all over the world who were trying to access information and research data at the Centre led to the development of the World Wide Web.

List of exhibitors

  • Adar S.A.
  • Alcatel
  • Alliance Concept
  • Alsthom Jeumont Industrie
  • ATI Electronique
  • Atos S.A.
  • Aubert & Duval
  • Axon' Cable S.A.
  • Bergoz S.A.
  • Cefilac
  • C4I ­ Centre de Compétence en Conception de C.I.
  • Cetim
  • Crismatec
  • Eurotherm Automation
  • Exavision S.A.
  • Farnell Components
  • Fogale Nanotech
  • Forges et Mécanique de la Loire
  • Fortech Groupe HTM
  • Friatec DPL S.A.
  • Jehier
  • L'Air Liquide Division Techniques Avancées
  • L'Air Liquide Gaz Industriels
  • L'Air Liquide Gaz Industriels
  • Nordon & Cie
  • Norton Desmarquest Vermétal
  • Novelec
  • Oldham
  • P.G.E.P.
  • Rexel Isnard
  • Schneider Electric
  • SDMS
  • Senior Flexonics Division Calorstat
  • Sensorex S.A.
  • SICN
  • Sigmaphi
  • S.C.T. Société des Céramiques Techniques
  • Stäubli Faverges
  • Technicatome
  • Technoparc ­ Syndicat d'Activité du Pays de Gex
  • Techphy Groupe HTM
  • Thermocoax
  • Thomson-CSF Services industrie
  • Thomson-CSF Detexis
  • Thomson-CSF Tubes Electroniques

Exhibition organizer

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1. CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, has its headquarters in Geneva. At present, its Member States are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.   Israel, Japan, the Russian Federation, the United States of America, Turkey, the European Commission and Unesco have observer status.

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