Press releases June 1999

CERN result provides answer to one of nature's most subtle secrets

Geneva, 21 June 1999. At a seminar at CERN1 on 18 June Pascal Debu, spokesman of the Laboratory's NA48 experiment2 , announced its preliminary result, after analysis of 10% of the expected data, on one of nature's best-kept secrets. Direct CP-violation, as it is called, is a subtle effect that betrays nature's preference for matter over antimatter, the reason why we are here.

Ecuador signs Co-operation Agreement with CERN

Geneva, 15 June 1999. A new Scientific and Technological Co-operation Agreement was formally signed on June 15th 1999 in Geneva by H.E. Ambassador Luis Gallegos Chiriboga of the Permanent Mission of Ecuador in Geneva and Prof. Luciano Maiani, Director General of CERN1. Prof. Maiani said, "This agreement marks an important step forward in the development of our Laboratory's relationship with physicists in Latin America. We are delighted to formalize our contacts with the scientific community in Ecuador."

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