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Press release: ESA Director-General visits CERN

Geneva, 7 May 1998. Antonio Rodotà, Director-General of the European Space Agency (ESA) visited CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics on Thursday, 7 May. He was welcomed by CERN Director-General Chris Llewellyn Smith, together with his designated successor, Luciano Maiani.

After fruitful discussions the Directors-General agreed on the creation of working groups to study and propose systematic joint activities to be conducted on a regular basis between the two organizations.

Press release: US becomes observer at CERN

Geneva, 19 December 1997. The CERN1 Council, where the representatives of the 19 Member States of the organization decide on scientific programmes and financial resources, held its 109th session on 19 December under the chairmanship of Paul Levaux (BE).

Press release: CERN holds Workshop on Technology Transfer

Geneva, 25 November 1997. The World-Wide Web, medical imaging, advanced electronic chip design. These are just a few recent results of fundamental research at the World's leading laboratory for particle physics, CERN1, in Geneva. Although the Laboratory's mission is pure science, the tools of the trade, particle accelerators and detectors, push the bounds of technology to their limits and beyond. The result is practical advances which benefit everyone.


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