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Press release: 101st Meeting of CERN Council

Geneva, 21 December 1994. The CERN1 Council, where the representatives of the 19 Member States of the Organization decide on scientific programmes and financial resources, held its 101st session on 16 December under the chairmanship of Prof. Hubert Curien (F).

Press release: LHC Test String runs successfully for 24 hours

Geneva, 8 December 1994. On 6 and 7 December a string of powerful superconducting magnets for CERN1's next particle accelerator the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) ran successfully at 8.36 Tesla for 24 hours. 8.36 Tesla is the magnetic field required to accelerate protons to the required energy for LHC and this result demonstrates that the key technical choices made for the construction of the LHC magnets were correct. The test magnets have shown that they can operate reliably under the same working conditions as the future accelerator.

Press release: Britain at CERN

Geneva, 22 November 1994. Thirty-two British hi-tech companies present their products at this new industrial exhibition at CERN1 which takes place from 22 to 25 November, 1994. The exhibition offers British companies the opportunity to display their products in fields that are of immediate importance to the scientists, engineers and technicians working at CERN, and also to scientists from non-Member States who take part in research projects at CERN.

Press release: CERN launches new programme with highest energy ever

Geneva, 21 November 1994. CERN1's first beams of lead ions - the highest energy beams ever produced by an accelerator - are now ready for experimentation. The new heavy ions facility also opens up a fresh period of research for the Laboratory in this field. This development is an important step towards understanding the matter of the Universe at less than a millionth of a second after its birth.


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