More than 1,350 physicists from 49 countries will converge in Chicago for the biennial International Conference on High Energy Physics in early August to share new research results, announce new projects and talk about the most intriguing mysteries of the universe.

Physicists from the large experiments at CERN’s  Large Hadron Collider—the world’s most powerful particle accelerator—will present a wealth of new results. This will include an eagerly awaited update about a mysterious bump in the data that could be evidence for a new particle or just a statistical fluctuation, as more data are being analyzed.

That will be merely one highlight in a program that covers 16 topics—from the Higgs boson to neutrinos to dark matter to cosmology, and will include new results from many experiments at institutions around the world.

“The International Conference on High Energy Physics will be the scientific event of the year in Chicago,” said Young-Kee Kim, chair of the conference’s organizing committee and the Louis Block Professor in Physics at the University of Chicago. “A great many scientists who specialize in particle physics, cosmology, accelerator science and related fields work in this region’s excellent research universities and our two outstanding national laboratories. We all look forward to showing this vibrant city to our colleagues and discussing the latest developments of our science.”

The conference will be held Aug. 3-10 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, 301 E. North Water St.

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3 Aug 2016, 08.00 - 10 Aug 2016, 18.00


Chicago, United States

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