European Researchers’ Night 2016

For the 7th year running, CERN is taking part in the European Researchers' Night. This event on the European Commission's initiative opens hundreds of science sites across Europe to the general public.

CERN offers the following activities to the local audience:

  • At the first floor of the Globe (entrance in front of the Globe), screenings of awarded scientific documentaries and short films in original version with French subtitles. See the programme of the Globe.

  • Guided tours of ATLAS Visitors Centre (departure every 20 minutes from the entrance of the Universe of Particles exhibition) - in English and French.

  • Exceptional late opening of the Universe of Particles exhibition (entrance behind the Globe). A guide will be at disposal to answer your questions in English and French.

The remote audience will also be able to take part in the event. Indeed, various partner institutes of the European Researchers' Night will visit virtually iconic premises of CERN: ALICE experiment, CMS experiment, LHCb experiment, Data Centre and CERN Control Centre on a pre-arranged schedule.

You can follow all these visits live on the web! Check out the programme of the webcast.

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Event Date

30 Sep 2016, 18.00 - 23.00


CERN, Globe of Science and Innovation

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