Carlo Rubbia (b.1934)

Director-General (January 1989 - January 1994)

The four LEP experiments produced their first scientific results under this Nobel-prize winner's mandate

Herwig Franz Schopper (b.1924)

Director-General (January 1981 - January 1989)

A research associate at CERN whose mandate saw the construction of the Large Electron-Positron Collider, and two Nobel prizes for CERN physicists

Léon Charles Van Hove (1924-1990)

Director-General (January 1976 - December 1980)

Belgian physicist who oversaw proposals for the Large Electron-Positron collider

Victor Frederik Weisskopf (1908-2002)

Director-General (August 1961 - January 1966)

Austrian professor who joined CERN's Theoretical Studies Division in 1957, and was elected Director-General in August 1961


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