John Bertram Adams (1920-1984)

Director-General (May 1960 - July 1961)

Head of the 300 GeV project who later served as Director-General for CERN Laboratory II

Edoardo Amaldi (1908-1989)

Director-General (May 1952 - October 1954)

CERN pioneer who played a leading role in the study and preparation of the Intersecting Storage Rings and the 300 GeV Super Proton Synchrotron

Robert Aymar (b.1936)

Director-General (January 2004 - December 2008)

French ex-chairman of the European Fusion Technology Steering Committee, who succeeded Luciano Maiani as Director-General of CERN in January 2004

Cornelis Jan Bakker (1904-1960)

Director-General (September 1955 - April 1960)

One of eight experts who drew up the plans for CERN, Bakker later directed the synchrocylcotron design group

Felix Bloch (1905-1983)

Director-General (October 1954 - August 1955)

CERN's first Director-General was awarded the Nobel prize for his work on nuclear induction


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